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Customer Testimonials

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Brookfield, Wisconsin

"Mike called ahead to verify directions and performed sofa and recliner cleaning, checking with me after each piece for my satisfaction. Removal of red wine stain from recliner upholstery “Made My Day”!" - Patricia P.

Shorewood, Wisconsin

"Dave Magikist worked magic on my rug! The staff was wonderful to work with. They were highly responsive to all of my questions and truly a pleasure to work with. I'd inherited a beautiful large area rug but it was deeply stained from pets. I thought I'd give it one try to save the rug and purchased the deal offered by this company through Angie's List. My rug was delivered yesterday and looks brand new! There were three stains that they told me they couldn't remove. I can only see one of these, a tiny rust spot. I am so impressed and thrilled to be able to keep and enjoy this rug in my home for years to come. I will not even think about using another company in the future. " - Sheila S.


"Last winter was really a tough one in Wisconsin and even though I had all kinds of door mats in place the tenants at my duplex were little piggies and never took their boots off or bothered to wipe their feet off before they walked all over my brand new 2 year old carpeting. Thank goodness for Dave's Magikist and their great service technicians Antonio and Ventura. Using their expertise and a variety of special treatments they were able to bring back the carpeting to looking and smelling as good as new. They are really knowledgeable in a variety of techniques to bring your dirty carpet back to life. You will be very happy if you have them at your home or office. They even cleaned the door mat as an extra nice touch." - Joanne J.

Franklin, Wisconsin

"They picked up the rug on April 10, 2014 and it was delivered back to us on April 24, 2014. It is a big entry rug that is black with pink roses that needed to be cleaned. We decided to have it cut down from 4 x 6 to 4 x 4.5. They cut the rug and replace the edges with new fringes, binding the edges a well, so that all four sides of the rug were redone. It is perfect! It is 100% wool, so it was worth saving and they did a great job redoing it. All A's" - Sandra M.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Our 13 year old carpeting had never been professionally cleaned. There were several areas that we thought were worn and would require replacement of the entire carpeting. Mike Nowell was able to restore this carpeting to like new condition thanks to the use of a special rotary cleaner called the RX20. We can't believe how good the carpeting looks and feels. We chose Magikist because of all the great reviews they have received and could not be happier." - Glen K.

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