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Natural Stone Care

Preserve the Natural Beauty of Your Natural Stone Floors.

The new look of your stone should last a lifetime.

Renew or Preserve Your Natural Stone Flooring

Magikist has a solution to renew old neglected natural stone flooring, high traffic areas or sealing and preserving your new flooring.

(See our 3 part solution below.)

Magikist also offers a more luxurious sealer for natural stone!

The product is applied by hand, one tile at a time. A lighltly moistened microfiber sponge is painted across each individual tile and into painted the grout lines also. The sealer is absorbed by the stone. The process is to apply an even coat across the entire tile and grout surface, allow the floor to absorb the sealer and hand buff off the remaining sealer that the stone will not absorb. It is a time consuming and detail oriented process.

Want your floor to look better – for the next decade and beyond?

The enhancing sealer that we use on natural surfaces is a “no-sheen” penetrating sealer formulated to darken, enrich and highlight the character and beauty of unsealed stone. It rejuvenates the color and improves the appearance of worn and weathered stone. This product allows moisture vapor transmission and also effectively darkens the color of grout joints. It is effective for exterior and interior surfaces.

Expected wear of our application: Up to 15 years!

Your outcome will depend on the hardness and texture of the surface, type of area, surface wear, frequency of use and type of maintenance products used. The expected wear of this premium product is up to 15 years. Exterior applications may require more frequent reapplications. Weather conditions, harsh cleaning methods and high-alkaline and solvent-based cleaners will affect wear.

Magikist Cleaning and Sealing Steps 1-3

Step 1 - We will pre-treat the grout and tile with a cleaning agent that will loosen its grip on the tile surface. This cleaning agent will be agitated into the tile and grout with bristled brushes.

Step 2 - We us “Turbo Hybrid Hard Surface Cleaning Tools” that are specifically designed for cleaning ceramic tile and grout. Our technicians are able to flush out the most stubborn soils with these tools and leave your floors with the deepest clean possible.

Step 3 - Where the dirt goes is as important as removing it. Our tools also have a patented automatic vacuum compensator that leaves your floors drier. And don’t worry; we take the dirt with us! The dirty water is not recycled through our system during the cleaning. We always use fresh softened water which is also on our truck. Our Magikist trucks are equipped with 100 gallon fresh water tanks.

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