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Rug repairs allow your rug to become functional again. Magikist Rug repairs include patching up holes, reduction in size, overcasting (securing) the ends and sides of the rug, new fringes or spot dyeing.

Full Service Rug Repair Wisconsin and Illinois

Choosing the proper repairs for your rug is important. If a repair is not skillfully executed or inconsistent with the quality of the rug, it can take away from the rug’s beauty and value. At Magikist, we have our very own rug repair specialist in the building. He will identify what is most important to do as well as inform you on what you can safely hold off on. We are capable of all sorts of rug repairs from minor touch ups to more intricate restorative repairs. We will also make educated recommendations for you and your rug.

When we come to a conclusion of what degree repair should be performed, we communicate with you what we feel is best (economically speaking) and allow you to weigh out your options. Magikist considers the rugs Market Value, how much the repair will cost and what will the value of the rug will be upon completion of the repair. We know these are not the only factors to consider, (for example: sentimental value) but from our stand point, this is the advice we will offer to help you make a choice.

A Glance at our Repair
▸ Binding
▸ Overcasting
▸ Fringe Repair
▸ Patching Holes
▸ Dried Latex Repair
▸ Tufted Rug Repair
▸ Re-weaving
▸ Re-sizing

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